Fake Grass: Real Relief For Hay Fever

Up to a whopping 90% of people who suffer from hay fever are allergic to grass pollen. For this lot, summer and spring are both especially difficult times of the year because they bring unwelcome puffy eyes, runny noses, difficulty in breathing, and trouble sleeping among other symptoms. You can find the best synthetic turf company in Perth here.

Exposure is either by direct contact with grass pollen or breathing in some of the pollen that is carried around by the wind .To avoid exposure to the grass pollen, some opt to remain cooped up indoors and wait on the seasons to pass to find sweet relief. This is, by no means, a realistic approach. Allergy medications can help to alleviate these symptoms, but the ultimate solution remains avoiding, or at the very least, minimizing exposure.

An excellent way to avoid this exposure is by replacing pollen-producing natural grass with artificial grass. Synthetic turf does not grow or produce pollen, leaving you to freely enjoy some time out in the backyard. You can enjoy breathing in the fresh air with no second thought to the possibility of experiencing the irritating and often debilitating symptoms of an allergic reaction. Similarly, synthetic grass does not trap pollen from the air around, so you don’t have to worry about some of the allergen getting trapped within the artificial grass blades.

If you are being realistic, then you can appreciate the fact that you may still be affected by pollen from the neighbors’ yards, or whatever is floating in the air. However, by having an artificial grass installation in our own yard, you can create for yourself a safe place where you are not exposed to the pollen.

An artificial grass installation will give you a great allergen-free space all year round. Hay fever no longer has to be something to put you down.

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