Professional Cleaning Expert For All Industries Across Perth

WA Sweeping has the personnel, the equipment and experience to provide you with a full range of

specialist industrial cleaning services including street sweeping. With a very diverse client portfolio across Perth and the

surrounding regions, the company is definitely a household name in the industrial cleaning Perth sector.

The company’s skilled workforce works with state-of- the-art modern equipment and the latest in

industrial cleaning technologies to deliver superior and effective cleaning results. Whether it’s cleaning

windows, scrubbing floors, cleaning and de-greasing equipment, deep-cleaning or rubbish collection and

disposal around the plant/industrial facility, you will be in the most professionally capable hands.

Of all these services, the company’s strategy centered on solutions flexibility is directed towards tailoring

each solution to meet your plant’s specific needs. Away from ensuring that your entire facility is

completely clean, every solution is tailored to ensure that you are compliant with all environmental and

regulatory industrial standards. The company uses environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and

employs technologies that leave the minimal carbon footprint, ensuring the health and safety of their


The company appreciates that every client has unique cleaning needs and makes cleaning schedules that

suit both the cleaning needs and budget of each client. If your industrial space requires daily cleaning,

weekly clean ups or deep-cleaning every fortnight or any other interval, the company will accommodate

your preference. Apart from the regular scheduled clean-ups, the company’s crew also responds to

emergency calls for industrial cleaning Perth needs. No job is ever too big or too small for the crew and

you get to enjoy the most affordable rates for their excellent services.

As an industrial cleaning Perth expert, WA Sweeping recognizes that a clean and well-maintained

industrial facility means increased efficiency and productivity in production , health and safety for all

workers as well as longer machine-life for all equipment. To enjoy these and more benefits, visit their

webpage and join their ever expanding community of satisfied industrialists.

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