The Efficient Software Development

It is not easy to develop software alone. I had an incredible team that helped me in developing software. But I always think how I can increase the team efficiency and working output. For being productive you and your team have to complete the tasks promptly.

Following are some tips that helped me, and I hope they may be helpful to you too:


Develop a positive atmosphere in the office. Adopt easy techniques that increase productivity. There are two types of distraction that come in the way that is yourself, and the outsources. The Internet is full of distraction, so I usually turn off all the social media pop-ups (notifications). Another idea that pleases me, I wear headphones while working in the office.


Choose your domain and understand it. Being passionate about your domain makes you a better programmer. The Software is all about solving domain problems. And when you’re proficient in one certain domain, you’ll eventually be more worthy and productive to companies that hire you.


Before starting, outline our process. For the completion of one task, plan out smaller functions and approach to making code effective and reusable.

Taking some time to think and plan your development process in abstract ways helps you to transform problems into solutions that you may already have.


Learn more about your domain by reading the documentation and books thoroughly. If you happen to find something useful, either highlight it or save it so that it may come handy in future.

If you’re facing problems in your coding, leave the problem there and do it later. I can’t even tell you how much it helped me in solving issues bugging me for hours.


Once you find something fun, stick to it and have chosen your path, go with the flow. Avoid overworking yourself. Working even after reaching your productive point is a waste of time. Don’t overstress yourself by setting strict deadlines and planning out your entire day before.

Conclusion: A productive and effective place with positive and clean work environment greatly benefits the success of your product and company. Spending a little time each day with a motive of increasing

your efficiency helps to cultivate your worth, attitude towards your career and decide whether you’ll succeed or not.

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